Check out out new-look silver jewellery for the New Year

Silver ’17

In the 80s and early 90s, gold jewellery was all the rage, and I still wear my gold jewellery with love and affection. Although I have to say it’s a while since I dug out my version of the ubiquitous 18th birthday gift – a gold belcher chain. My belcher necklace is in a jewellery box at the back of a drawer waiting for this 80s fashion phenomena to return, hopefully this time without the obligatory perm (thank goodness social media didn’t exist!).

But the 90s saw the dawn of a more silver age, and it’s one that’s lasted through the noughties and into the teenies (or whatever moniker this decade will be referred to by future generations). In recent years, rose gold has joined the party, but it’s safe to say that silver remains a faithful favourite.

Celebrating the new year!

So, to celebrate the dawn of 2017, we’ve introduced a new range of silver fashion jewellery at Zigi.

Alexis is a heart cascade necklace, with matching bracelet. Both have an unusual slip-knot design so depending on your outfit – or how the mood takes you – you can wear it pendant-style or tighten the loop for a more choker-style necklace.

Bilbao range features a three-strand sphere necklace that looks stunning with a low-cut top. It’s perfect for that special night out (don’t tell anyone but I tried it out over Christmas!). There’s a slip-knot bracelet to go with it and, if you’ve pierced ears you’ll adore the matching drop earrings.

Halo is a three-strand silver fashion necklace with a feature that looks like… well, a halo or rather two halos! Halo is one of those fashion jewellery pieces that can be worn during the day for work or in the evening to dress up an outfit.

Evita is a classic-looking bracelet with a twisted mesh design, while Jakarta offers an alternative twist!